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Chi Alpha in NC

Transforming the university, the marketplace, and the wORLD


What is Chi Alpha? 


Chi Alpha is a movement that seeks to reach the secular University campus. Chi Alpha is backed by the Assemblies of God and exists on more than 300 campuses in the US. 





North Carolina State

University of North Carolina 

UNC - Greensboro



NC Campus Missionary-In-Training Program






Are you called to Campus Ministry? Considering a calling to another area of vocational ministry?

Wanting to prepare for a lifetime of ministry?

Consider becoming a part of the NC CMIT(Campus MIssionary In Training) program.



Check here for upcoming events as well as ministry resources. 


National Chi Alpha

Atlantic Coast SICM

North Carolina Assemblies of God Youth Department

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The NC Assemblies of God Youth Department and Chi Alpha have partnered together to provide this resource FREE to you and your church to help graduating high school seniors take the next step in continuing their faith. This resource is designed for a variety of situations and includes training for parents as well as students. If you have any questions or would like to discuss Transitions more in depth, please contact us. 


NCXA Fall BreakAway 2017


Join us for our annual Fall Retreat - a time to pray, play, and grow together. This year's retreat will be in Concord, NC.


When: September 22nd-24th

Lodging: Great Wolf Lodge Concord, NC

Retreat Sessions: Concord First Assembly

Cost: $89


Speaker: Mike Santiago



Friday:                                                                             Saturday:                                                                          Sunday:

Check In begins at 4pm                                                Breakfast 9am                                                              Breakfast 8:30am

First Gathering: 8 pm                                                    Second Gathering: 10 am                                           Church at CFA

Welcome Party: 10 pm                                                  Lunch & Free Time                                                      Depart @ Noon

                                                                                        Dinner: 6 pm

                                                                                        Third Gathering: 7pm